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Develop social-emotional skills with kid-tested, doctor and parent-approved, tiny-knee-slapping stories from Zoy, the best storybook app.

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Research-Based, Giggle Tested, & Expert Approved

Our unique storybook app is designed by experts to promote social-emotional learning (or SEL). Children are empowered by SEL to understand themselves as well as the world around them. Extensive research proves that well-developed SEL skills lead to many positive life outcomes, such as improved mental health and academic performance. Studies also show that storytelling is one of the best ways to improve social-emotional skills for toddlers. Every aspect of our app is vetted by experts as well as parents, so we only offer the resources we use in our own families!

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Emotional Literacy

The core of SEL is learning about self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Emotional literacy is the ability to understand, identify, and express emotions in an appropriate, healthy way.

Our storybook app provides a safe learning environment where children can develop these skills as they identify their emotions and learn to self-regulate.

Zoy storybook app. Social-emotional learning app for children.
Zoy storybook app. Research-based social-emotional learning stories for children.

Our Research-Based Approach

Our comprehensive approach is based on in-depth research proving that well-developed SEL skills lead to improved mental health, communication skills, and academic performance.

Powerfully Fun Stories and Easy-to-Use Resources

Zoy’s storybook app harnesses the power of stories and humor to support the wellness of children and families! Not only is this one of the best apps for social-emotional learning, but it’s also tons of fun! Our read-aloud stories are masterfully created by award-winning children’s authors and comedy writers, then vetted by mental health professionals.

Storybook App

The Land of Zoy is a magical place where kids and caregivers can dive into the fun! Our read-aloud stories build social and emotional skills through engagement and unique plots with an undercurrent of humor. Make sure to look out for our mascot – a silly baby elephant who’s learning these skills herself!

Need to calm down?

Take a break from the excitement and visit our Calm Corner, our bonus feature for subscribers, where you’ll find relaxing stories from our certified clinical hypnotherapist.

Zoy storybook app
Zoy storybook app. Education Center.

Education Center

Parents and caregivers can easily find various resources from fun-to-read blogs on the go to more in-depth articles. 

Develop social and emotional skills at your own pace and join a community of people who are doing the same! 

Can’t get enough of this SEL stuff? Neither can we!! New resources are added each week.

Zoy’s Story

How did Zoy come to be? Our story starts with a small but mighty epiphany…

Zoy’s Story

How did Zoy come to be? Our story starts with a small but mighty epiphany …

Discovering a Good Elephant in the Room!

As parents of two boys, our founders Afshin and Sahar are no strangers to the importance of developing social-emotional skills and their positive impact on a child’s life.

Reading bedtime stories as a family had always been a highlight of their day. They realized that even five minutes of dedicated time before bed could give them the chance to connect after a long day. Through years of reading to their two boys, Afshin and Sahar have seen the power that stories hold as a skill-building tool and are excited to provide a platform that combines their love of bedtime stories with the skills kids need to thrive.

The development of these crucial social-emotional learning skills and mental health go hand-in-hand. 

The idea of crafting stories with a message is something near and dear to our hearts and home, and we’re excited to help you build this space for your family as well.

We welcome you and your family to Zoy!

Zoy storybook app. Zoy's story.

We Support Our Community

We believe in sharing! A portion of all Zoy’s revenue goes to Childhood Education International and the Arbor Day Foundation.

What the Professionals Are Saying

Here’s what the experts have to say about the importance of SEL!

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Building Social-Emotional Skills With Stories

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Building Social-Emotional Skills With Stories