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Behavior Management: Mastering Classroom Dynamics

Unlock the Secrets of Effective Classroom Behavior Management

Explore the intricacies of classroom behavior with our comprehensive course. This course is designed for educators and offers expert guidance from seasoned board-certified behavior analysts. Gain a deep understanding of student behaviors and learn practical strategies to create a positive and productive learning environment.

4 weeks

Online, self-paced


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Empowering Educators with Essential Skills

Decipher Student Behaviors
Uncover various classroom behaviors’ underlying causes and effects.
Expert-Led Insights
Gain knowledge directly from experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts.
Practical Behavior Strategies
Learn actionable techniques for effective classroom management.
Enhanced Classroom Environment
Create a more positive and engaging learning space.
Data-Driven Approach
Employ evidence-based methods for behavior assessment and intervention.
Ethical Behavior Management
Understand and apply ethical considerations in behavior management.
Multidisciplinary Expertise
Unlike others, Zoy’s resources are not solely educator-created. They are developed, reviewed, and tested by a diverse team, including child psychologists, cognitive scientists, school counselors, SEL specialists, educators, and parents.
Comprehensive Resources
Zoy offers an extensive library with over 100 original books, numerous activities, and various resources, surpassing the limited offerings of competitors.
Versatile Formats
Our resources are not limited to one format. We provide digital, print, ebook, and audiobook options, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all users.
Holistic Approach
SEB education requires a comprehensive strategy. Zoy caters to all stakeholders – parents, children, teachers, school counselors, and therapists – with tailored resources for each group, including send-home materials.
Full SEL Spectrum Coverage
Our resources cover a broad range of SEL categories and concepts, along with behavior management resources and training, providing a more extensive and in-depth approach than competitors.
Continuous Support
Beyond curriculum provision, Zoy offers ongoing support with on-demand and scheduled coaching services for SEL and Behavior Management, ensuring long-term partnership and assistance.

Course Learning Outcomes

Understand Behavior Science
Grasp the fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis and its classroom applications.
Identify and Label Behaviors
Master the skill of objectively observing and describing student behaviors.
Function-Based Interventions
Learn to develop interventions based on the identified functions of behavior.
Data Collection Mastery
Become proficient in various behavioral data collection and analysis techniques.
Ethical Intervention Strategies
Gain the ability to choose and apply interventions ethically and effectively.
Real-World Application
Acquire the skills to apply behavior management theories in actual classroom scenarios.

Course Overview: Understanding Behavior & its Effects in the Classroom

This course provides a thorough exploration of behavior management techniques, focusing on understanding why certain behaviors occur and how to respond effectively. It includes identifying common behaviors, implementing de-escalation strategies, and building positive student-teacher relationships. Perfect for educators seeking to enhance classroom harmony and student engagement.

Course Curriculum

Lesson One: What is Behavior?

Lesson Two: Using Data to Understand Behavior

Lesson Three: Behavior Management

Lesson One: Antecedent Strategies

Lesson Two: Antecedent Strategies in the Classroom

Lesson One: Reinforcement and Relationships

Lesson Two: Pairing

Lesson Three: Instructional Engagement

Lesson One: How to Respond?

Lesson Two: Selecting Replacement Behavior

Lesson Three: Functional Communication Training

Lesson Four: Guided Practice

Lesson One: Final Tips

Why Choose Zoy for Professional Development

Expert-Curated Content
Our courses are meticulously crafted by a team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, educational experts, and child psychologists, ensuring you receive the most current and impactful strategies.
Tailored Learning Experience
We recognize the unique challenges educators face. Our courses are designed to address these specific needs, providing practical, real-world solutions.
Holistic Approach
Zoy’s philosophy centers on a comprehensive understanding of classroom dynamics, blending behavior management with social-emotional learning for a well-rounded educational experience.
Interactive and Engaging Format
Our courses are informative and engaging, using interactive elements and real-life case studies to enrich the learning experience.
Ongoing Support and Resources
Beyond the course, Zoy offers continuous support, providing access to additional resources and follow-up coaching.

Instructor Profiles

Witness the transformative power of Zoy’s resources through powerful testimonials from teachers, therapists, and parents just like you! Hear their cherished ‘aha’ moments and discover some of your own!

Jessica Guzman

M.Ed., Behavior Consultant
  • 15  years in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • M.S. in Early Childhood  Special Education
  • Clinic, school, community, home
  • Early intervention, Training and Development, Early Start Denver Model, Today’s ABA

Cherie Winiarski

  • 7 years in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis. Emphasis in Autism
  • Clinic, school, daycare, community, home
  • Early intervention, caregiver support

Sheebah Alexis

  • 15  years in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis, B.A. in Psychology
  • Clinic, school, daycare, community, home
  • Support for autism and developmental disabilities, supervision of RBTs/BCBAs

Ryan Moss

M.Ed., Behavior Consultant
  • 8  years in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis, Emphasis in Autism
  • Clinic, school, daycare, community, home
  • Early intervention, caregiver and family support, trauma informed intervention

Adaptable Course Options to Fit
Your Needs

Self-Paced Online Course

Ideal for individual educators seeking flexibility and self-directed learning

Live Virtual Group Training

Classroom kits, teacher training products, interactive platforms, and a teacher’s SEL guide.

On-Site Training

Experience comprehensive, hands-on training at your school. Tailored to your team's specific needs for a fully immersive learning experience.

Self-Paced Online Course
Ideal for individual educators seeking flexibility and self-directed learning
 $X per educator
Live Virtual Group Training
Perfect for schools or districts looking to train multiple educators together. Enhance team cohesion with interactive virtual sessions
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