Responsible Decision-Making

Without Poobie

Ruben takes his blanket with him everywhere. After a while, his blanket gets too dirty and needs a wash. How will Ruben get through laundry day without his beloved blanket?

Sunny and Nimbus

Mother Earth loves her two children, Sunny and Nimbus. But Sunny and Nimbus are always fighting! Can one little flower bring these rival siblings together?

Silly Goose

Hudson the silly goose goes around doing whatever he wants, no matter how it makes other people feel. But a run-in with a sleeping bear might be what it takes to teach Hudson the importance of the golden rule.

Rosie says No!

When Daddy asks Rosie to clean up her room, Rosie says no! How can Daddy help Rosie learn about the importance of taking care of things without a power struggle?

One Step at a Time

Lia has big ambitions but isn’t sure how to accomplish them. That is, until her friends show her how to set goals so that she can succeed, one step at a time.

Life of a Leaf

A great storm blows Leigh the leaf away from her home. Will Leigh be lost forever or will she learn to embrace change?

Leo Has a Secret

Leo uses his father’s best green tie for a dragon’s tail and accidentally ruins it. Afraid of getting in trouble, he hides the tie in the garden. Will Leo own up to his mistake?

It’s Okay to Say No

Coco the cuttlefish is everyone’s best friend. Her special skin allows her to change color and shape, so she can fit in and make everyone happy no matter who she’s with. But can Coco learn that there’s more to life than making others happy?

I’ll Do it Myself!

Erika and her brother are excited to go to the carnival! Erika likes doing things herself and won’t let her brother help her put on her socks. Can they find a way for Erika to be independent while also getting the help she needs?

Free As A Bird

When Sophia sings, she feels as free as a bird. But when Sophia’s singing becomes a distraction in class, her teacher asks her to stop. Can Sophia find a new way to feel as free as a bird?



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