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Without Poobie

Ruben takes his blanket with him everywhere. After a while, his blanket gets too dirty and needs a wash. How will Ruben get through laundry day without his beloved blanket?

Why The Long Face?

Pretzel Sticks is a horse who’s sick of eating the same old thing, but when he tries to eat an apple, he faces obstacle after obstacle! How will he deal with the disappointment? Maybe with the help of some friends he meets along the way…

Two Homes for Gnaomi

Gnaomi’s father is a gnome and her mother is a fairy. She loves getting the best of both worlds! But when her parents tell her that they’re going to separate, she has to come to terms with what “the best of both worlds” really means.

Three Goodnights

Hazel and her trusty sidekick Dogfish are feeling sad that Daddy is going away on a three-day trip. Hazel tries to stop Daddy from leaving, but nothing works! How will Hazel get through three goodnights without Daddy?

The New House

Selena is sad and angry about moving away from her old house and everything she knows and loves. Everything about the new house feels bad and wrong. Will a new friend help change the way she feels about it?

The Hole Story

Huey the hole is the only hole in the field that Farmer Al doesn’t plant with corn. Huey is worried that he’ll be alone forever, but a new friend helps him learn that being unplanted isn’t his hole story.

The Big Hill

It’s snowing! Daisy’s brother, Collin, can’t wait to sled down the Big Hill, but Daisy’s scared. Can Daisy find the courage to speak her mind and face her fears?

The Big Goof

When Sonia tries to hide a goof she made, the goofs keep piling up until everything around her is one big goof! How’s Sonia going to find her way out of this mess? Will she learn that it’s okay to make mistakes and ask for help?

Snow Bunny and the Big Move

When Gordo’s parents tell him they’re moving to the desert, his snow bunny heart is broken! As he adjusts to his new desert life, Gordo meets new friends and might even discover some unexpected surprises about himself.

Shyla Makes a Friend

Shyla the whale shark is very shy! When she starts school for the first time, she tries with little success to hide from the other students. But her failure to hide might lead to an exciting new friendship…