Social Awareness

Zoy’s Sticky Thanksgiving

Zoy isn’t feeling very thankful this Thanksgiving. In fact, it seems like just another day to her. That all changes when Zoy meets a new friend with a different perspective. Can Zoy learn to be grateful for what she has?

The Hole Story

Huey the hole is the only hole in the field that Farmer Al doesn’t plant with corn. Huey is worried that he’ll be alone forever, but a new friend helps him learn that being unplanted isn’t his hole story.

The Big Goof

When Sonia tries to hide a goof she made, the goofs keep piling up until everything around her is one big goof! How’s Sonia going to find her way out of this mess? Will she learn that it’s okay to make mistakes and ask for help?

Silly Goose

Hudson the silly goose goes around doing whatever he wants, no matter how it makes other people feel. But a run-in with a sleeping bear might be what it takes to teach Hudson the importance of the golden rule.

Rosie says No!

When Daddy asks Rosie to clean up her room, Rosie says no! How can Daddy help Rosie learn about the importance of taking care of things without a power struggle?

Quincy Wants a Friend

Quincy the monster just wants to be liked, but maybe she’s trying a little too hard. When a quiet, mouthless girl shows up at monster school, Quincy finally figures out what it takes to make a friend.

Penny’s First Day of Kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten is about to start and Penny is TERRIFIED. If only she could bring her trusty dog, Pickles, with her! Will Penny be brave enough to face her fears alone?

Late Bloomer

Busy Lizzy is a late blooming flower. When she notices all of her friends flowering before her, she starts to feel jealous. Can Busy Lizzy learn to love herself just the way she is?

Just Perfect

Amari loves that everything in his life is just perfect. But when he makes a mistake at a soccer game, suddenly everything is just awful. Can Amari find a way to just be?

Freddy Stands Up

Standing up to bullies can be scary, especially when those bullies are your friends! When Freddy’s friends begin teasing his new friend, Rosa, Freddy has to make a choice. Will he be brave enough to stand up for Rosa?



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