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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Understanding Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social-emotional learning (or SEL) is the method through which children (and even adults!) understand and manage emotions. SEL also empowers us to feel and show empathy for others, to set and achieve goals, to establish and maintain healthy relationships, and to make responsible decisions. Moreover, it is the foundation for emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills that we use throughout our lives.

2. For the Curious Parents

Discover our products for parents and families. Explore our digital offerings on the Apple App Store and Google Play, or bring the magic of Zoy into your home with our printed picture books or eBooks.

Primarily designed for kids aged 2-8, Zoy’s stories and activities carry timeless lessons, making them enjoyable for children and parents alike.

3. For the Passionate Educators and Schools

Zoy specializes in resources for preschools and kindergartens, with curriculum and activities designed to meet the developmental needs of children in these age groups.

Our curriculum encompasses over 30 weekly lesson plans on various social, emotional, and behavioral topics, each with goals, learning objectives, a fun Zoy story, and family engagement packets, designed for minimal prep and flexible delivery.

Yes, our curriculum is adaptable and can be integrated into core academic classes or used as a standalone course. It aligns with Common Core standards and Head Start objectives, suitable for traditional and Montessori schools.

We offer courses like “Behavior Management: Understanding Behavior and its Effects in the Classroom” and “Social-Emotional Learning: Fostering Well-Being in the Classroom,” available online, via live remote training, or on-site for groups.

Our SEL stories are accessible in digital, print, and ebook formats, catering to various learning preferences and environments.

Our Classroom Dynamics & Well-being Coaching provides personalized coaching sessions, offering custom solutions for effective classroom and behavior management.

Our resources are collaboratively developed by child psychologists, cognitive scientists, school counselors, SEL specialists, educators, and parents, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach.

Interested schools or districts can contact us through our website to discuss and arrange custom training or coaching sessions tailored to their needs.

Integrating Zoy’s resources can enhance emotional well-being, social skills, foster a positive school culture, and equip educators to manage diverse classrooms effectively.

4. For the Thoughtful Therapists

Zoy’s tools, emphasizing understanding and expressing emotions, are ideal for therapeutic settings, acting as effective conversation starters or complementary therapy aids.

5. General Queries

Zoy’s World was born from a blend of imagination and a deep desire to nurture emotional growth in children, turning learning about emotions, resilience, and empathy into an enchanting journey. Learn more by visiting our About Us page.

For the best experience, use the latest version of our app, ensure a stable internet connection, and engage with Zoy’s world with an open and curious mind.

For any inquiries or feedback, feel free to email us at [email protected].



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