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Dive Deep into Zoy's Captivating World!

What are you looking for today? Download the new Zoy app in the app store and hold a world of stories in the palm of your hand, or order a picture book that can be delivered to your front door!

Adventures Await with Zoy!

Mesmerize, Educate, and Reflect Through Every Tale

Travel to a realm where children’s stories blend seamlessly with SEL education. Our tales capture young imaginations while ingraining vital social-emotional skills. Through vibrant illustrations and exciting plots, each story promises an inspirational experience.

Boundless Learning, Anytime!

An entire universe of Zoy tales in your hand

Beyond just stories, our mobile app comes packed

with these other enriching features:

Psychologist’s Insight:

For every tale, understand the deep-rooted SEL lessons with perspectives from board-certified child psychologists.

Discussion Points:

Stimulate thoughtful conversations with your child using our guided questions related to each story’s themes

Calm Corner:

Take a break from the excitement and visit our Calm Corner, where you’ll find relaxation stories from our certified clinical hypnotherapist.

Regularly updated with new narratives, our app ensures there’s always fresh content waiting to be explored!

Stories Beyond Screens

The Charm of Zoy in Your Hands

For those who relish reading and read-aloud stories, Zoy’s adventures are available in both print and ebook formats. Perfect for bedtime stories or daytime reading, our books provide a fulfilling experience for young readers and listeners.

Explore the Magical World of Zoy

 Every story at Zoy is created by our team of writers and illustrators, then given to our educators, mental health professionals, and parents to ensure that it’s fun, engaging, and effective in teaching essential SEL skills and concepts. Here are some examples of the books you can find in our app:

Delve Deeper into Zoy's World

Are you ready to dive deeper into the world of Zoy? Explore our wide array of products, all tailored to nurture your child on their SEL journey towards emotional intelligence and personal growth.



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