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Social Emotional Learning For Children at Zoy

Zoy combines the magic of storytelling with in-depth social-emotional learning. Our wide range of products serves parents, educators, and therapists as they guide children in every facet of their emotional journey.

Unwrap Emotional Magic, One Story at a Time!

Dive deep with Zoy, where fun meets feelings. Be your child’s emotional compass through every twist, turn, and fairy tale.

Classrooms Buzzing with Zoy: Where Tales Teach!

Ignite curiosity, empathy, and self-awareness. Turn every lesson into an SEL odyssey and watch young leaders bloom.

Healing Hearts, One Zoy Story at a Time.

Amplify therapy with the power of Zoy narratives. Craft resilient journeys and emotional breakthroughs, session after session.

Ignite Emotional
Intelligence with our SEL Resources

Embrace the adventure of social-emotional skill development. Zoy reveals the secrets of SEL with expert-backed resources, exciting tales, and tons of fun! Embark on your journey today.

CASEL Framework

Zoy's Emotional Toolkit

Tailored for Parents, Educators, and Therapists

Whether you’re nurturing at home, inspiring in a classroom, or healing in a therapy session, Zoy’s expansive range caters to every need.


Digital and tangible children storybooks, award-winning mobile app, workbooks, journals, and a parent’s SEL guide. Discover Parent Products


SEL Curriculum, professional development and training, personalized coaching, SEL activities, and resources. Explore School Solutions


Physical picture books and audiobooks, coloring books, journals, workbooks,and our award-winning SEL guide, Dive Into Therapist Tools

Digital stories, family bonding tools, SEL resources, and a parent’s SEL guide.
Discover Parent Solutions
Classroom kits, teacher training products, interactive platforms, and a teacher’s SEL guide.
Explore Educator Resources

Crafted with Expertise & Heart

Where Expertise Meets Enchantment

Zoy is more than just products – it’s an experience! Dive into a world where engaging storytelling meets crucial social-emotional learning (SEL) tools. From the whispers of child psychologists to the hearty laughs inspired by comedy writers, every Zoy resource is infused with the wisdom of educators and SEL experts. But wait, there’s more! Award-winning authors sprinkle their storytelling magic into the mix, ensuring each resource is enchanting.

Echoes from the Zoy Universe

Engage with real stories from other members of the Zoy community. Dive into testimonials and discover the transformation Zoy products have brought to people like you!

Emily Johnson

Mother of a curious toddler California, USA

Zoy’s stories have transformed our bedtime routine. The SEL elements are seamlessly woven into each tale, making learning about emotions fun and accessible for my child.

Robert Smith

Grandfather of three Ontario, Canada

I purchased Zoy’s ebook collection for my grandchildren. It’s amazing to see them engage with the stories and discuss their feelings openly. A true treasure for family bonding.

Angela Martinez

Foster mom to diverse children Florida, USA

Zoy’s Empowerment Toolkit has been a game-changer in helping our foster children navigate their emotions. The activities are both fun and educational.

David Lee

Father of twins New South Wales, Australia

As a parent, I’ve found the ‘Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children’ book incredibly insightful. It’s helped me understand and support my child’s emotional growth.

Linda Garcia

Preschool Teacher New York, USA

Zoy’s Classroom Compass is a fantastic resource. It makes integrating SEL into our curriculum effortless and engaging for the kids.

John Wilson

Early Childhood Educator California, USA

The storybooks from Zoy are a staple in my classroom. They’re beautifully written and truly capture the essence of SEL for young minds.

Susan Lee

Early Years Coordinator Florida, USA

Implementing Zoy’s SEL Empowerment Toolkit has revolutionized the way we approach emotional learning in early childhood education.

Anita Rodriguez

Childcare Provider Arizona, USA

The Calm Corner feature in Zoy’s app is perfect for helping my preschoolers manage big emotions and find a moment of peace.

Alex Johnson

Occupational Therapist Michigan, USA

I’ve integrated Zoy’s resources into my therapy sessions. Their stories are fantastic for initiating discussions about feelings and behaviors.

Maria Gonzalez

ABA Therapist California, USA

Zoy provides an exceptional range of tools that complement my ABA therapy sessions, especially their SEL workbooks.

Dr. Emily Wang

Child Psychologist New York, USA

Using Zoy’s tailored narratives in therapy has enabled deeper, more meaningful conversations with my young clients about their emotions.

Karen Patel

Preschool Director Illinois, USA

We’ve incorporated Zoy’s SEL resources into our preschool program. The positive impact on our students’ emotional intelligence is remarkable.

Derek Johnson

Early Education Specialist Massachusetts, USA

Zoy’s SEL resources are invaluable. They provide a comprehensive approach to teaching emotional intelligence in a way that’s easy for children to understand.

Dr. Sarah Khan

Child Psychologist Illinois, USA

Zoy’s therapeutic stories are a cornerstone in my practice for helping children understand and articulate their emotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoy offers Classroom Dynamics & Well-being Coaching, which includes one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to provide educators with customized strategies for improving classroom management and student behavior effectively.
Zoy’s Social Emotional Learning Curriculum is a comprehensive program designed for early learners in preschools and kindergartens. It focuses on cultivating child emotional intelligence and is aligned with the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) categories.
Schools or districts seeking specialized training or coaching can reach out via our website for consultations on organizing sessions designed specifically for their requirements.
In therapeutic environments, Zoy’s SEL resources, which focus on recognizing and articulating emotions, serve as excellent aids. They can initiate meaningful discussions or augment therapy sessions effectively.


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