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Bespoke SEL Coaching for Effective Teaching

Our coaching and consulting services offer dedicated support in SEL and behavior management. We understand that every educator has unique needs, and our 1:1 or group sessions are customized to provide the most relevant and practical advice and assistance.

Navigating the World
of SEL with Expert Coaches

Our SEL coaching guides educators through the nuances of integrating social and emotional learning into their curriculum. The sessions focus on practical strategies to teach SEL skills effectively, fostering a compassionate and understanding classroom culture.

CASEL Framework

Strategies for Positive Classroom Behavior Management

Behavior management is crucial for a productive learning environment. Our SEL coaching provides educators with the tools and techniques to understand, address, and positively influence student behavior, ensuring a harmonious and effective classroom setting.

Learn from the Best

Our social emotional learning coaches are seasoned professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience in education, psychology, and behavior analysis. Get to know our team and their diverse expertise, ensuring you receive the highest quality SEL coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

After signing up, educators are matched with a coach based on their specific needs and goals. The coaching process typically involves an initial assessment, regular one-on-one sessions, practical assignments, and continuous feedback, all conducted via Zoy’s online platform.
Social emotional coaches at Zoy are seasoned educators with specialized training in SEL. They possess a deep understanding of emotional intelligence principles and practical experience in implementing SEL in educational settings.
Any educational professional, from new teachers to experienced educators looking to refresh or update their skills, can benefit from personalized coaching. It’s also ideal for educators facing specific challenges in their classrooms or those transitioning to new roles or educational standards.

The topics included in our coaching sessions are wide-ranging and include

  • Classroom management
  • Effective teaching strategies
  • Curriculum development
  • Educational technology integration
  • Student assessment techniques
  • Emotional and social learning strategies
If your school is experiencing challenges with student behavior, academic performance, teacher turnover, or school climate, or if you’re looking to proactively enhance your SEL efforts, our consulting services can provide valuable support and direction.
Zoy carefully matches educators with coaches based on the information provided during the initial assessment. However, requests for specific coaches can be considered, ensuring the best fit for a productive coaching relationship.
Zoy delivers consulting for SEL through a combination of on-site visits, virtual meetings, workshops, and ongoing remote support, depending on the needs and preferences of the client.
Yes, all personalized coaching sessions and communications between educators and their coaches are confidential. Zoy is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for professional growth.
Zoy is committed to ensuring satisfaction with the personalized coaching experience. If concerns arise, educators are encouraged to contact us for resolution, including the possibility of re-matching with a different coach.
While the focus is on personalized, one-on-one coaching, Zoy also offers group coaching sessions for educational teams or departments seeking to develop collective skills and strategies.
Educators who engage in personalized coaching often see a direct impact on student learning through improved teaching strategies, enhanced classroom environments, and more effective engagement techniques, leading to better student outcomes and achievement.




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