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Crafting Emotionally Resilient Journeys

Welcome to the wide world of Zoy. We know that in therapy, every word matters. Our therapeutic offerings are designed to help therapists navigate the intricate world of children’s emotions.

We provide tangible tools for ABA therapists, occupational therapists, autism centers, and child psychologists. Let us empower you as you empower them.

From Narratives to Healing

Story-driven Approaches to Emotional Wellness

Stories have the unique power to reflect, inspire, and heal. At Zoy, we’ve crafted tales that resonate with children, acting as tools for narrative therapy, skill modeling, and engaging ice-breakers during sessions.

Building Skills, Story by Story

A Treasure Trove of Resources

Our SEL Empowerment Toolkit is a blend of structured guidance and flexibility, allowing therapists to curate sessions that address individual needs. Incorporate our workbooks for hands-on activities and guide parents with our specialized resources.

More Than Just a Session: A Lifestyle

Making SEL a Natural Part of Life

With our SEL Session Compass, therapists can utilize resources that ensure SEL permeates every facet of a child’s life. Whether you’re collaborating with schools, conducting group therapy, or establishing family routines, Zoy has resources that can help.

Therapists' Corner: Success Stories with Zoy

See the Impact in Their Words

Learn about the transformative power of Zoy’s therapy resources through powerful testimonials from mental health professionals and therapists like you!

Alex Johnson

Occupational Therapist Michigan, USA

I’ve integrated Zoy’s resources into my therapy sessions. Their stories are fantastic for initiating discussions about feelings and behaviors.

Maria Gonzalez

ABA Therapist California, USA

Zoy provides an exceptional range of tools that complement my ABA therapy sessions, especially their SEL workbooks.

James Lee

Child Therapist Virginia, USA

Zoy’s SEL Session Compass has been a game-changer, offering structured yet flexible resources for therapy sessions.

Dr. Emily Wang

Child Psychologist New York, USA

Using Zoy’s tailored narratives in therapy has enabled deeper, more meaningful conversations with my young clients about their emotions.

Brian Pates

Autism Specialist Texas, USA

Zoy’s stories and SEL tools are incredibly effective in my work with children on the autism spectrum. They love the engaging content.

Dr. Karen Smith

Child Psychologist Virginia, USA

The depth and quality of Zoy’s resources have greatly enhanced my ability to connect with children and guide them through emotional learning.

Anita Brown

Occupational Therapist Georgia, USA

Zoy’s app and storybooks are a staple in my occupational therapy sessions. They’re not just entertaining but also therapeutic.

Lisa Nguyen

ABA Therapist Michigan, USA

The flexibility of Zoy’s resources allows me to tailor each session to the unique needs of my clients, making therapy more effective and enjoyable.

Michael Rodriguez

Child Therapist Oregon, USA

Zoy’s SEL Empowerment Toolkit is an invaluable resource. It’s filled with activities that are both engaging and therapeutic.

Dr. Sarah Khan

Child Psychologist Illinois, USA

Zoy’s therapeutic stories are a cornerstone in my practice for helping children understand and articulate their emotions.

A Fusion of Art, Science,
and Passion

Meet the Minds Behind the Magic

You can rely on our team! Every therapeutic tool and story at Zoy is crafted by our team of award-winning writers and educators. Then, it is vetted by our board-certified mental health professionals, bringing you only the best in therapy resources.

Meet our Team

Carrie Turner

Writer and Lead Editor Texas, USA

Carrie is a children’s author and editor who’s written over 2 dozen children’s books and edited many more. After studying Child and Family Development at Stephen F. Austin, she taught…

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Ashley Bugge

Director of Creative Operations Washington, USA

Ashley Bugge is an award-winning author and K-12 educator, who utilizes her training and expertise in the subjects of human behavior and leadership to create authentic and transformational material for…

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Elena Gjorgjevska

Storybook Illustrator Bitola, North Macedonia

Elena Gjorgjievska is a fine artist, painter, and illustrator living in Bitola. Love drawing and painting since an early age. She has an MA degree in painting from the Faculty…

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Katy Crawford

Education Specialist New York, USA

Katy holds a Master’s Degree in Education with over ten years of special education classroom experience focusing on behaviors. Katy has a passion for social-emotional learning and has put her…

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Mary Beth Bass

Writer Massachusetts, USA

Mary Beth Bass is an award-winning fiction writer with a side of teaching and theatre. She’s also written about life-changing food, far-off places, silly kids, and big secrets! She loves…

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Richard Anderson

Head Comedy Writer California, USA

Richard Anderson is a comedy writer who grew up in Boulder, Colorado, where he fell in love with Dr. Seuss and other whimsical storybooks. After graduating from the University of…

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Saskia Helen

Subject Matter Expert Missouri, USA

Saskia Helen is a former educator and SEL specialist who now provides countless families and classrooms with essential tools for building relationships, supporting and uplifting children, and helping them to…

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David Tate

Writer California, USA

David has a background in more traditional literature for older audiences, but after writing his first children’s book a few years back, he fell in love with the idea of…

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Dr. Sabahat Shah

Therapist and Child Development Expert Florida, USA

Bibi Sabahat Shah is a therapist and child development expert who works with children and families. Her goal is to help families nurture what is most important for healthy minds…

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Natalia Hartono

Storybook Illustrator Surabaya, Indonesia

Natalia is an illustrator based in Indonesia. She has loved illustration and character design (and cute things!) since childhood. She currently works on children’s book illustrations and character design for…

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Mariia Shabadash

Storybook Illustrator Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Since childhood, Mariia was interested in painting and was charmed by how every painter depicted their vision of the world. Having become an illustrator of children’s books, Mariia obtained an…

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Enghel Garcia

Psychometrician & Illustrator Laguna, Philippines

Enghel Garcia is a psychometrician turned graphic illustrator who has been drawing since she was 5. She loves watching animated series. After having a Psychology Degree and becoming a Psychometrician,…

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Olena Danilchenko

Head of Marketing & Strategy Massachusetts, USA

Olena is an award-winning, proactive growth-minded strategic marketing leader with diverse experience in global marketing and consulting roles. Olena has over 25 years of experience developing new go-to-market strategies and…

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Elevate Your Therapeutic Sessions

Step into a World of Emotional Exploration

Are you ready to explore a universe crafted to empower therapists? Download the Zoy app, explore our books, and try out our therapist’s guide. You’ll bring SEL growth to every session with our therapeutic tools designed for you!



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